What is this for?

  DC-DVIHDMI is a simple product to help you to make use of those old video device still working. Literally it convert DVI signal to HDMI signal into those new disply or PC monitor. So with this item, you can simply plug your DVI cable without any difficult setting, and enjoy your old contents limited be played those old bulky video device.'' It is not always new stuff is better, right?'' this is so called Retrospective rhythm.

How it works?

  As you can see with this picture, DC-DVIHDMI simplly connect those old computers and convert It's DVI resourse to HDMI signal and make you can watch old video contents with higher resolution and more beautiful brand new monitor.





  The only function of DC-DVIHDMI is simply converter function, too simply to explain, so maybe No need more introduction for most users. but for all user can have better comprehension, let's see again how it connect. With upper picture you can see DVI port on your old computer, laptop or maybe video player. Simply connect DVI cable to Left side of DC-DVIHDMI, and connect HDMI cable to right side of DC-DVIHDMI. After that, you need to find the HDMI port at your new monitor or display. Usually them are locate on back of monitor. And plug HDMI connector to it. That's all!




High Picture quality

  DVI can also transfer Full HD 1920*1080 Resolution picture quality. So Even your device only has DVI output, with DC-DVIHDMI, you can enjoy full quality video contents now !



Connection reference

  Here is the reference connection of DC-DVIHDMI.



Input connection DVI + RCA audio input
Output connection HDMI(19pin/female connector)
Comply resolution
-720*480(480i/480p)    -720*576(576i/576p)     -1280*720(720p)     -1920*1080(1080i/ -1080p)
Power Supply AC adapter (5V/1A)
Size 88mm*67mm*25mm
Weight 100g
Accessories RCA audio-3.5mm mini plug covert cable