What's New?

  A great quality capture card named DC-HD1 can help you capture HD videos whatever protected or not protected. Now, this card let you capture with D terminal which has the highest resolution bundwidth among all analog video connections.






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  The main difference between DC-HD1 and other Drecap model is that DC-HD1 can capture video source with D terminal cable. Maybe some users are going to ask us why D terminal? The answer is super simple. D terminal is a final solution for analog video connetions. This is a solution which can only have chance to comply higher resolution than Full HD. More over, D terminal is a best solution which can input and output video source with less signal noise than others. We Believe there are a lot of video source you can make use for your own Creat work with D-terminal.






New Gaming Console comply (Xbox One, PS4)



Comply New game console

  DC-HD1B comply new game console. You can capture videos up to resolution 1080i. Make your creative work smoothly within new stage. Here you can check videos of game play for PS4. If you can not watch HTML5 video, please download Zip file from here (51MB).

  Attention:the video you can watch blow is not full quality video. Because of HTML5 structure we transcoded video file to mp4 with smaller size. To see original video, please click here.









Better Video Quality  

  Not only smoothing data transfer, we refine the PCB design again and again to cut these noise come from Power line. Meantime we keep the Diy size same with HD1 and smaller than DC-HD1, even we add analog line with this model.

  And you can find the quality difference of each sources image. D terminal works very good than our estimate, even looks sharper than HDMI at some point. It is almost same image quality but tiny Flicker.


HDCP problem

  Several Countries restrict to sell device which can record video sourse under HDCP protection. To meet those local regulation, we add a cut line on the PCB to make HDCP enable, and we accompany a HDCP enable driver on the Driver CD of your product. So you can not record from HDMI video source from PS3 and other HDCP protected devices at this default status.

  If you are not belong to those specific Areas and Countries, You can cut the Cut line and let HDCP disable. And downlord International driver, install it. Then you can start to Record video with HDMI with PS3.


           HDMI                  D terminal               Component













INTERFACE 1 HDMI A port Ver 1.4 or lower (except for 3D)
INTERFACE 2 D terminal(D4), Component
RESOLUTION With HDMI connection: 1920x1080(1080i) / 1280x720(720p) / 720x480(480P)
FRAME RATE Under 30fps
OPERATION SYSTEM Windows XP/Vista/ 7 / 8 / 8.1 each 32/64bit
PACKAGE CONTENT ? Low profile blaket, driver CD, Dterminal cable, Component Cable.
Driver Downlord:  Driver for Internation:  Downlord Link
   Driver for HDCP protected AREA:   Downlord Link