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How it works?

  This is a kind of useful item for all user who still have old PC monitor, projector. Also in some case, Lastest TV only have few HDMI ports which you already connected to PS3 and TV recorder. For those cases, you can easily use DC-HDMIRCA and convert HDMI to VGA. No set up, No difficult connection, no power supply.







  The main function of DC-HDMIVGA is to convert your HDMI input video signal to VGA signal and output to Old monitors. You can connect a lot of HDMI out device to this product and output their video signal with VGA to monitor and projector for many use. Make use of Old Monitors, View contants with bigger screen.






HDMI Powered  

  DC-HDMIVGA can work within ultra low power 50mA as a normal work status. That mean you do not need to plug any power line except HDMI input line.

  HDMI port have a single powre line which can provide 55mA power to connected device. However, few HDMI output lines, for example, HDMI from splitter device, HDMI from a inner source which is devided to several source will not be possible to supply 55mA with stable current. In this case, we strongly recomment you plug USB cable to boost power for DC-HDMIVGA.





Ultra Small

  Most of Scan converter has huge body size, which restrict you to use it at other place but under TV spot. DC-HDMIVGA has extreamly small sized body, which can let you use it at any place. Wherever car, school, office, library...where you can find HDMI output, you can use this product!






Ready to use

  No need set up, no need difficult connection, no operation, even no switch! DC-HDMIVGA is such a simply item you can use it without reading manual. Just plug HDMI to it, and plug VGA to it. That's all!




CONNECTION Adapter type
INTERFACE 1 input HDMI 19pin female type
INTERFACE 2 output VGA 3,5mm Audio Jack
RESOLUTION Input: 640×480 800×600 1024×768 1280×720 1280×1024 1360×768 1600×1200 1920×1080
RESOLUTION Input: 640×480 800×600 1024×768 1280×720 1280×1024 1360×768 1600×1200 1920×1080
Output signal NTSC/PAL
Power supply HDMI 50mA / USB 500mA
PACKAGE CONTENT Adapter, USB cable (Mini B to A 100cm), Manual
Dimension 66mm×55mm×20mm  /40g