Hard Ware Transcode >10%

Streaming Brodcast Function
special content is here DC-HE1U CPU Usage down to: under

 DC-HE1U has it's own processor to transcode inputed video source to high compressed H.264 codec video file. This hardware Transcode can save your CPU usage down to 10%.

 DC-HE1U has HDMI bypass output function which can bypass HDMI video sourse to TV or monitor. This bypass source is free from time rug. User can play with this bypass monitor smoothly.

Few Sec

time rug ...

Real time

Game display

H.264 codec

With same picture quality, H.264 can compress to half size compare wth MPEG2



Comply with a lot fast convert technology

1080p comply


software screen

Timer function

Recording setting

Sound mix function

Drecap's new software


  Drecap develop integral new software to cooperate with new generation of Drecap capture devices.


  There is not only support hardware function, but also a lot of new feature and simply screen.


  Now user can easily captuire whatever they wany with this new software!

Timer record function

File size limitation set up

 One outstanding function of this software is that user can set up a timer to control when to start recording and when stop. Moreover, User can devide recorded video file with file size to meet media limitation.

 Record quality setting

  New software offer various setting of record quality. Resolution, Bitrate, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast...

 Also DC-HE1U can only record sound file from HDMI video sourse with smaller file size.  It saves a lot of time for those creator.

 Auto Sound mixing function

  New software cooperate DC-HE1U, achieved [Auto sound  mixing function]. Before this, to mix games users voice with HDMI sound, it needs complex setting at Windows sound mix set up option, even so, and in some case, still  there is no method to mix user's voice.

  Today, Mixing your voice become super easy!  Just plug your micphone to DC-HE1U, and change radio button to

[Mixing HDMI audio and Mic-in]. That`s it!

Integral Capture software

 DC-HE1U can capture Video and save to harddisk with H.264 codec AVC file. H.264 codec offer higher compress rate than Old MPEG2 codec. Also AVC file has high Compatibility, that mean the captured video can be easy played by a lot of mobile device. Not only those feature, Now days, A lot of convert method comply to H.264. Cuda, QSV.... which let your edit captured video faster and more smooth.

 DC-HE1U can capture native 1080p video with high compression h.264 codec. You can capture great quality picture with smaller size . Also AVC file comply a lot of mobile device directly. Easy to Play, Easy to Edit.

Original game screen 480p 1080p

  Several Countries restrict to sell device which can record video sourse under HDCP protection. To meet those local regulation, we add a cut line on the PCB to make HDCP enable, and we accompany a HDCP enable driver on the Driver CD of your product. So you can not record from HDMI video source from PS3 and other HDCP protected devices at this default status.

  If you are not belong to those specific Areas and Countries, You can cut the Cut line and let HDCP disable.

                                                                       ▷What device can work with DC-HE1U

  DC-HE1U connect to USB port of your laptop or desctio computer. You can see above picture. Connect DC-HE1U to your computer and install driver(software). connect HDMI from gaming console or DVD,BD player to DC-HE1U, and connect another HDMI cable to TV for bypass. That's it !


  Now, what you need to do is just double click our software (Tsurugi) and start your capture work.                                                ▷What device can work with DC-HE1U



USB2.0 (UBS mini B type female)


Video input


HDMi 19Pin female (Comply with 1.4a)


Video output


HDMI 19Pin female


Audio input


3.5mm mini audio jack


Power source


AC adapter powered (within pacakge)


Recording file format




Audio recording


MP4 video format (without video data recource)


Timer record function


・timer record ・automatical shunt down


Comply OS




Windows8.1/8/7 both of 32bit and 64bit

Windows XP 32bit and Vista 32bit / 64bit ※1 (Firmware 1.01)

※1 lastest firmware may not support Windows XP.

Live streaming function


live streaming software which comply to input video source from Direct X (Direct show) video device. For detail please see here.


Dimension, Weight


110x155x36mm  200g




Software disc, Remote Controller, AC adapter, USB cable, Manual


Comply input resolution





1080p(30/60hz) 1920x1080(16:9)

1080i(60hz) 1920x1080(16:9)

720p(60hz) 1280x720(16:9)

480p(60hz) 640x480(4:3)


Comply capture resolution






1080p 1920x1080(16:9)

720p 1280x720(16:9)

480p 854x480(16:9)

480p 640x480(4:3)

360p 640x360(16:9)

360p 480x360(4:3)


Capture video bit rate


1/2/4/8 Mbps


Capture audio rate




Capture audio bit rate




Bypass comply resolution




1080p(30/60hz) 1920x1080(16:9)

1080i(60hz) 1920x1080(16:9)

720p(60hz) 1280x720(16:9)

480p(60hz) 640x480(4:3)


Comply minimum CPU for capture






Faster than following CPUs

Intel Pentium T2410

Intel Celeron G460

Intel Core2 Duo T5500

AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-55

Intel Atom Z3740D

AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-62

How to Activate HDCP



How to COnnect Spec Information