DC-HE1U comply Direct Show. So DC-HE1U can perfectly work with following major broadcast software. Let you upload your own live video to internet share video website.

Live video broadcast

  You can setup DC-HE1U as video live capture unit and control to start lively uplord video  with these streaming uplord software.

  You can connect not only game console, but also Video camera with DC-HE1U. Also DC-HE1U offer Narration function, which you can combine your voice to video and uplord it in real time.

 With below picture, you can see how DC-HE1U can be connect when you use it for live video broadcast. Accually, the connection is the same with video capturing work to computer.

How to connect

  The connection is the same with capturing video to computer. Connect your PS3 or other game console to DC-HE1U via HDMI. and connect your mic to DC-HE1U's 3.5mm mic jack. Please do not forget to connect DC-HE1U to TV as video bypass.  And as final, plug usb cable to your computer and DC-HE1U. That's it!


 Before uplord your live video, you need to setup video device and sound device at each streaming software. Here we will show you how to set up at Niconico and Ustream as example.

How to setup

 Niconico live encorder

1, Install diver and hardware of DC-HE1U

2, Turn on DC-HE1U, but do not startup Tsurugi soft

3, Downlord and install Niconico live encoder

4, Startup Niconico live encorder and log in.

5, Select [DirectX capture] at video setting space.

6, Then  you can see your video screen through Niconico live encorder.

7, start your live streaming.

 Ustream Producer

1, Install diver and hardware of DC-HE1U

2, Turn on DC-HE1U, but do not startup Tsurugi soft

3, Logo in facebook acount and Downlord  Ustream producer.

4, Instrall Ustream producer and start up it.

5, Select [Add Drecap Turugi video capture shot ] as video source

6, Select [Add Mic (Turugi audio capture shot) ] as audio source

7, start your live streaming.

 Include almost game console which has HDMI output, DC-HE1U can comply a lot of device

What Device work with ?

 Video Camera

Camera, System Camera

Playstation 3, 4

Xbox 360, Xbox one

Wii U

Blue Ray, DVD player

Smart Phone with MHL cable

  What deivce can work with DC-HE1U? The answer is most of Device which has HDMI connection can work with DC-HE1U.

   You can connect game console to DC-HE1U and record your gameplay and broadcast it to video share website.

   Also you can connect video camera or conpact digital camera, System camera to DC-HE1U and record music live, paformance through cameras.

   Even  Smartphone, you can connect it to DC-HE1U through MHL cable to record it screen.