Capture Smartphone Game via Windows Tablet


  This is a image picture for how DC-HE1U can work flexiblly. Because of hardware transcord function, even windows 8.1 tablet can be use capture through DC-HE1U. And if you have MHL cable and a smartphone which comply MHL, then you can connect it to DC-HE1U and capture your game play, youtube screen to windows tablet!





DC-HE1U has a lot of Usage. Capture movie from smartphone. Game console, uplord live video and so on. Here we will show you several usage for DC-HE1U.


Capture to Windows Tablet

Windows 8.1Tablet

Smart Phone

OTG cable

MHL cable


Capture with Video Camera

 Want to broadcast your fantastic play? Just connect your video camera to DC-HE1U via HDMI. You can lively broadcast what you want to Video share channel.

Capture with Video Camera and broadcast it!


 If you have a video camera which has HDMI port, then you can uplord your own lively video to Video share website! Just connect your Video camera to DC-HE1U via HDMI connection. And start record at your Video camera first,  and Start [Broadcast ] with Streaming software. That's it! Now people arround world can be shared your high picture quality video !

  Share what you feel, make them be moved with your fantastic idea!


VIDEO Camera


Capture to USB 2.5inch HDD

 Don't have enough disk space on Laptop? No matter! Just connect your portable HDD to another USB port. Yes, you can capture video directly to your External HDD!

Capture to USB 2.5inch external HDD


 If your laptop's disk space is too small to record 1080p videos. Don't worry! Just connect your external HDD to another USB port of laptop, and select any folder of external HDD at Tsurugi Software. Now you can capture your video directly to External HDD!


 !! Attention !!

 1, Once you unplug external HDD, you need to reset capture folder to local disk. Otherwise next captured video will not be save !

  2, Please use a USB device, which has data translate faster than 20MB/sec. Otherwise, Captured video can not be smoothly or correctly save to your disk.

External HDD


Mix your own Voice to Video

  Do you want to mix your own voice to Video? Mixing sound to video is a hard task. ...  Don't worry! DC-HE1U will help you to do it!

Mix your voice to Capturing video


 Sound mixing is a hard task for light user. With DC-HE1U, you do not need to care how to setting Sound Mixing at Windows anymore. Just plug 3.5mm Audio Jack to DC-HE1U. and Select [HDMI sound + Sound Mixing] at setting menu of Tsurugi software. That's all set!

 Sound mixing setting will not annoy you any more!

3.5mm Microphone

VIDEO Sample

check captured video quality

  You can check our captured video quality below. Acutally those video's quality is worse than orginal, because it automatically be convert when we uplord to Youtube channel.

 1080p 24Mbps   20sec 50MB (approx 18GB for 120min)

720p 4Mbps   14sec 6MB (approx 3GB for 120min)